Paper Submission

DTRS13 Submission Instructions

Submit to:


Deadline:  June 20, 2020

Length: One to two pages.
Reviewing system: Abstracts will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee.

Feedback: By July 15, 2020

Full paper

Deadline: January 4, 2021

Length: 20 pages max including illustrations and references.
Reviewing system: Abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee.

Feedback: By February 12, 2021


Sheet size: A4

Margins: 2.5 cm (1”) on all sides.

Line spacing: 1.5 lines, no automatic spaces before or after paragraphs.

Paragraph spacing: New paragraph (except first paragraph in section) indented 5 mm or ¼”.

Sections: Leave one blank line before a new section. Number sections and sub-sections.

Font: Arial, 11 pt for body of text. All titles and subtitles: bold. Section titles: 14 pt. Paper title: 16 pt. Author names and affiliation: 12 pt bold.

Figures: Within text. JPEG or line drawings only, clear and sharp. Make sure text on drawings is legible. Title under figure, 10 pt. Number all figures and refer to them in text.

Tables: Title above table, 10 pt. Number all tables and refer to them in text.

References: Within text, last name and year of publication, e.g.: “…the study has shown differences (Jones 2016)…” Or: Jones (2016) has shown that…”. List of references at end of paper: alphabetic order, last name + initial. Style: APA. See for example references in the journal Design Studies. Second and further lines of each reference indented 5 mm or ¼”. Make sure all references are full and consistent.

Note: Abstracts and papers will be sent to reviewers without author names and affiliations. Each paper will be blind-reviewed by three reviewers (members of the program committee). Abstracts will be reviewed by members of the organizing committee: these reviews are less formal and are intended to provide authors with useful feedback towards writing full papers.